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Three Unique Chocolate Bars

After hearing Nigella Lawson sing the praises of the Bacon Chocolate Bar, I just had to try one for myself. The Man and I searched high and low here in Jacksonville – first to World Market, then Whole Foods then local candy shops, but we had no luck. I tried ordering it on the internet, but the lowest price I could find was $9 (plus shipping)! Even worse, most companies are unwilling to ship chocolate to southern states in the warmer months. If they do, they require expensive overnight shipping.
So, …


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Recipe: Taco Chili Pie

Before sharing the first of what I hope to be many recipes with you, I would like to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect here at “A Readable Feast.” My name is Jodi Kasten. I’m a writer who has lived in Jacksonville for ten years. I share a home in Arlington with my husband Phoenix and four children ages 11, 10, 3 and 2.
My goal with this blog will be to take you along with us as we explore all of the food possibilities that Jacksonville …