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Review: Hunt Club Subs ‘n Grill

written by 18 March 2011 2 Comments

As a girl most comfortable in corsets and velvet, Hunt Club Subs ‘n Grill should be the polar opposite of a place I’d love. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

When I rolled into the nondescript strip mall parking lot to visit the aforementioned Mr. Taco, I spied two other restaurants nearby – La Strada Italia and Hunt Club Subs ‘n Grill. I picked up menus from both for future reference. Just a few nights later, The Man and I were searching for a good place to take the little ones where their shenanigans wouldn’t bother other diners. Hunt Club’s raucous menu appeared to be just the ticket.

Dish names like “Gobbler,” “Mud Dog,” “Yard Dog” and “Deliverance” assured us that this wasn’t going to be an uppity joint with no sense of humor. As we walked in we could see why – this is actually a hunt club. Mounted animal heads, antlers and photos of patrons with their latest quarry are displayed proudly. Racks hold the latest copies of hunting and fishing magazines. The signs on the restroom doors say “Does” and “Bucks” and camo is everywhere – without irony. Though there is one other location in Tallahassee, this isn’t some generic faceless chain of hunting themed redneck rib factories – this is a dude’s tree stand club house and you’d better be wearing your Day-Go orange vest when you approach.

If you’re not a hunter, consider carefully before writing this place off. While I enjoy camping, it’s been many years since I shot my own supper. Of course, if hunting offends you or you’re a vegan, this isn’t the place for you. These guys are just as serious about the food as they are about aiming at it. The Man and I both ordered the BBQ pulled pork sandwich special ($7.99). We were not disappointed.

I headed through the “Does” door to wash up and was stunned to find the place clean as a whistle, like the rest of the restaurant. You may think a hunting themed local place stuck out in the withering wasteland of Southpoint will be dirty – but you’d be wrong. Like it’s south-of-the-border cousin Mr. Taco next door, this place is sparkling clean with updated tile, lacquered tables and heavy, nice chairs that don’t tip over when a 4-year-old tries to rock them.

The food came promptly and the guys manning the kitchen came out to be sure everything was to our liking. It was a Tuesday night and we were the only ones in the place other than a grizzled old dude who walked in the door without a word, was asked “regular or redneck” (referring to the spice on the fries), handed a bag and headed back out. So yeah – there’s take out.

The fries were hot, crisp and tasty. The peppery spice used on the “regular” is tasty enough for a grown-up palate, but tame enough for the young’uns. The sandwiches were very good. The bread was fresh and well made with a great texture to set off the tender pork. The barbeque filling was perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of sweet sauce. It was delicious and definitely in my top five in the area.

The little ones got hot dogs and I have to say, the buns were the best I’ve seen on a kids’ hot dog in town.

There’s no reason why this place isn’t full to the brim every night with customers. You don’t have to be a redneck to appreciate this fine food. We’ll be back to sample their specialty butterflied hot dogs, Angus beef burgers and subs.

Hunt Club Subs n’ Grill is located at 6426 Bowden Road, Unit 200. Their phone number is 731.4868 and you can click here for their website.


Next week… is this a Magical Strip Mall?


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    FW Bite Club said:

    Wow, great find! Can't wait to try it — definitely looks like a fun/out-of-the-ordinary experience! Mmm, pulled pork….

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    deer guy said:

    Looks absolutely delicious! What's the average price on their menu?

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