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Just One Bite: Uptown Market’s Ham & Brie Panini

written by 18 February 2010 3 Comments

I recently met up with my compatriot food bloggers, Nancy and Cari, for a lunch date to celebrate our little foray into local newspaper fame. We decided to check out the new Uptown Market & Deli in Springfield. It’s located right next door to City Kidz Ice Cream & Café at 3rd and Main.

It was a very windy day, so we tried to sit inside at the lunch counter. Unfortunately, the counter was so high that even with big stools I couldn’t sit comfortably so we moved the production outside. It was comical to try to hang on to everything on the table.

Both of my companions ordered the Reuben and I had the Ham and Brie Panini.

Here’s one of the ladies’ Reubens:


The Reubens had quite a few large pieces of fat, but other than that they seemed to be pretty tasty.

Here’s the Ham & Brie Panini:


I have to give Uptown Market some points for originality. My Ham & Brie wasn’t your run-of-the-mill downtown café sandwich. The bread was really well made and it was pressed very nicely. The menu said there were apples on the sandwich, but I didn’t get much apple flavor. The onions were yummy and lent a nice sweetness to the sandwich.


The brie itself was gooey and delicious. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with brie or pork. I would have liked the ham to be just a touch warmer, though. The coleslaw wasn’t especially crispy, but that seems to be a citywide problem. I have yet to find coleslaw I like in Jacksonville, so I can’t hold that against Uptown Market. The fries are quite good – skinny and crispy with a nice tenderness inside. They are only available at an extra charge, though. At $7.95 per sandwich and considering the low quality of the slaw, I would have appreciated not having to pay extra for the fries.

This is a good place to drop in and have a quick bite. The menu is fresh and original and the service is speedy. I would like to try some of the other menu items before making a solid judgment, but they seem to be moving in the right direction. We talked it over and on first impression the three of us gave it a six-and-a-half out of ten. Uptown Market is an excellent alternative to fast food, though.

As we paid the checks, I ended the meal by chasing my receipt down Main Street.
I guess that’s a testament to what I’ll do for brie.

Uptown Market is located at 1303 North Main Street at the 3rd & Main building. You can give them a call at (904)355-0734 or follow them on Facebook.

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    MiddleAgedWomanBlogging said:

    Brie….. Mmmmmmmmm It’s almost 1 PM and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Do they deliver? To Illinois??

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    Sharon said:

    I agree with you on coleslaw in Jax. I’ve stopped ordering it anywhere. The warm Brie and ham…..Oh, Yes! I’d run down Main Street for Brie. Laughing thinking of you chasing a receipt down the street though!

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    V and W said:

    We had lunch with a party of ten there recently – ten, including a baby! We were welcomed and had a splendid waiter who did a great job and was funny and handled all of the orders well. Everyone at the table enjoyed the food. We had a mix of breakfast and lunch orders. The chicken panini was delicious. The french toast looked great. Everyone loved the banana bread and blueberry muffins that were put on the table when we got there. One of us had to wait a little longer for her order, so they not only apologized but took that item off of our bill.
    We will definitely go back!!

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