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Tastecasting: Yogaberry

written by 13 November 2009 7 Comments

::Tastecasting is not an unbiased restaurant review. If you are unfamiliar with Tastecasting, please learn more at “What Is Tastecasting?”::

I visited Yogaberry at the St. Johns Town Center this past week with the rest of the Tastecasting crew. The owner of the franchise, Jennifer Turner, began by telling us how she started Yogaberry by developing her own recipe four years ago. The frozen yogurt is gluten-free, fat-free and organic. No artificial sweeteners or flavors are used in the product, though a sugar-free version will be coming out in the next month.


The toppings are also rather impressive.
Ms. Turner has her fruit shipped in and cut fresh daily. The yogurt is made from fat-free organic milk and the berries she uses are also organic.


After impressing us with her business plan, we got down to the serious business of actually eating the yogurt. We were given small samples of the original flavor (plain), chocolate, strawberry, taro, banana and coconut.


Each flavor was unique and clean without being overly sweet, the way some frozen yogurt often can be. After trying each of them, we had the opportunity to choose a full-sized cup of the flavor of our choice with a topping. I opted for the original flavor. I was impressed with the fresh dairy taste and tasty finish of the plain flavor. I had crispy waffle cone pieces added for a bit of crunchy texture and enjoyed it very much.

The most impressive part of this treat is the nutritional information. A five ounce cup ($3 for original) is only 125 calories and, in my opinion, just as satisfying as a cup of vanilla ice cream. The flavors are numerous and the toppings extensive.

Yogaberry also offers smoothies, organic coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice and “YogaMocha” – which is a frozen coffee drink.

The bright and clean little shop is tucked into the Town Center just behind Betsey Johnson.
You can also find one of the seven other locations near you by visiting their website at www.myyogaberry.com.
Follow them on Twitter: “yogaberry” or become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/iloveyogaberry.
If you choose to visit, be sure to tell them you heard about it on EatJax!

Yogaberry on Urbanspoon

Special thanks to Jennifer Turner and the staff of Yogaberry for a warm welcome and a chilly treat.


all photos copyright © 2009 by jodi a. kasten • all rights reserved

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