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Just One Bite: 13 Gypsies Risotto

One of the best dishes I’ve tried lately came during a business meeting at 13 Gypsies. I admit that at first I was skeptical. The Man lived in that neighborhood when I met him, just down the street at the corner of Myra and Stockton. Ten years ago, we called that the corner of Crack & Pipe. However, a tiny resurgent pocket of beautiful resistance is forming on Stockton Street between College and Myra. 13 Gypsies seems to be leading that charge into renewal.
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Ancient Sweets Red Peppers!

So, it’s Monday morning and you feel that familiar pang of regret. In the rush of weekend activities, you’ve missed the farmer’s market again. You’re looking for that fresh snap of sweet veggie goodness, but all you see at the supermarket is wilted cabbage and moldy strawberries. What to do?
Head on over to Sam’s Club! I’m a big fan of warehouse clubs if your family is large enough to make it worth your while. With my four kids, a club membership is absolutely vital. But, even if you aren’t a member, grab a …


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Not-So-Charming Victorian English Cookery

The general impression of the middle class Victorian home, especially in London, normally includes a servant or two. If a family had a single servant, she was a “maid-of-all-work” – a general purpose helper who would primarily give the lady of the house a hand with all the menial tasks of running the home. Tasks such as laundry involved full days of hard labor. Cleaning a carpet was an affair involving damp tea leaves and a stiff brush. Generally, life was still tough, even with a maid.
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